The New York Times | The Revolutionary Force Behind Sudan’s Protest Movement? Doctorsh

Security agents chased down and pummeled the pro-democracy protester, who said his pursuers were celebrating as if they were “fishermen who just made a catch.”

“‘Who are you?’” the protester, Ahmed Sanhouri, recalled the agents demanding. He carried no identification or cellphone, and he insisted he was a laborer.

He is, in fact, a young doctor, but that is something that has been dangerous to admit in Sudan in recent months. Doctors have played a central role, along with other professionals, in organizing the mass protests that recently toppled the longtime autocrat Omar Hassan al-Bashir and fostered a powerful, if still uncertain, pro-democracy movement.

“Doctors had a great role, and they still have a great role, in this revolution,” said Dr. Mohamed Nagy al-Asam, 28, a leader of the movement.

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