Fox News | Sudan military and protesters reach agreement for three-year transition period

Sudan’s military leaders have announced that an agreement had been reached with the opposition for a three-year transition to a democratic, civilian administration.

Khartoum has been plagued by protests in recent weeks, despite the opposition’s success in ousting long-running dictator Omar al-Bashir from power last month, with locals demanding the military hand full control over to civilian rule.

But at a joint press conference on Wednesday, representatives from both the ruling Transitional Military Council and an alliance of protest groups declared that they expected to sign a final deal “within 24 hours.”

Protesters walk towards the sit-in protest outside the Sudanese military headquarters, in Khartoum, Sudan, Tuesday, May 14, 2019.  (AP)

Although exact details of the deal have not yet been made public, it is expected that both sides will adhere to having a three-year transitional administration – which includes an opposition-majority parliament.

The three-year transition period is considered a compromise between the military’s insistence for a two-year period while protesters wanted four years to ensure they had the necessary time to prepare.

Lt. Gen. Yasser al-Atta, a military spokesman, said the two sides will spend the next six months negotiating peace deals with rebel outfits across the country, who have long been at odds with the central government.

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