Celebrities are adding their influence to try to bring attention to what is happening in Sudan. That country’s security forces violently swept away a camp in Khartoum on June 3 where demonstrators had been holding a sit-in.

More than 100 people have been killed and hundreds wounded since then, according to protest organizers. Sudan authorities dispute that number, saying 61 have died, including three security forces.

The violent break-up marked a turn in the standoff between the protesters and the military, which removed autocratic President Omar al-Bashir from power in April after a months-long popular uprising against his 30-year rule. Bashir appeared in public on Sunday for the first time since his ouster, as he was led away to a prosecutor’s office in a corruption probe.

More than 375,000 people have signed a Change.org petition to investigate the June 3 incident.

Some celebrities are now trying to call attention to the crisis by turning their social media profile images a solid blue color.