Asharq Alawsat | Sudan Protest Leaders Seek Talks to End Impasse with Military

The Freedom and Change Forces alliance criticized the ruling transitional military council’s suspension for three days the negotiations on the three-year transition period. The council had said that talks would resume after barricades are removed from the protest site in Khartoum.

Member of the negotiations committee Madani Abbas Madani said that the alliance removed the new barricades because they leave the protesters vulnerable to snipers in nearby buildings.

“I believe that this issue is related more to differences within the council than the behavior of the protesters,” he told Asharq Al-Awsat.

He added that the alliance “remained calm” when the military council suspended the negotiations, because it wants to lead Sudan towards a transition period.

The alliance should have been the one to suspend talks because the council failed to sufficiently protect the protesters and this has ultimately seen four people killed and 200 injured, he remarked.

“Despite the casualties, we have carried on with the negotiations because we want the transition to take place. This is what the people rallied and died for,” he stressed.

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