The Globe and Mail | is Ottawa recommends RCMP investigate Canadian lobby firm representing Sudan military

The federal government has asked the RCMP to investigate a Montreal-based lobbyist to see if it violated Canadian sanctions by signing a US$6-million contract to seek funding and equipment for Sudan’s new military regime.

The Globe and Mail revealed last week that the lobbyist, Dickens & Madson (Canada) Inc., has promised to burnish the image of the regime that seized power in a coup in April. The regime’s security forces later massacred more than 100 pro-democracy protesters in Khartoum in a bid to crush a protest camp near the military headquarters.

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“RCMP is responsible for investigating sanctions violations,” said Adam Austen, press secretary for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, in a tweet on Wednesday.j

“We have referred the matter to them,” Mr. Austen added in the tweet, replying to questions from an aid worker who has worked with Sudanese refugees in the past.

The Global Affairs department confirmed that it has formally referred the lobbying contract to the RCMP for investigation.

“Canada has fully prohibited the provision of arms or related technical assistance to Sudan,” department spokesperson Amy Mills told The Globe in a statement.

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