The Africa Report |Sudan: Who is Hemeti, the butcher of the revolution?

The man who is now number two in the Transitional Military Council is now leading the pushback against the civilian uprising.

“My patience has its limits”, said Mohamed Hamdan Dagolo, better known as ‘Hemeti’ towards the end of April.

This, it turns out, was a chill forewarning.

  • On 3 June, Hemeti’s Rapid Support Force (RSF) troops burst through civilian roadblocks. Killing at least 38 people and wounding hundreds, the RSF cleared protestors from their protest site in front of the ministry of defence.

“From a rural background [Hemeti] has no family ties or sentimental affiliation with the young middle class protesting on the streets of the Khartoum”, writes Fergal Keane. It is the clearest sign yet that that the hardline elements of the military want to put a halt the pro-democracy movement.

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