Inquisitr | Sudanese Protesters Hit With Tear Gas And Live Ammunition On First Day Of Strike

Three people have been killed so far on the first day of organized national protests in Sudan, with security forces resorting to tear gas and live ammunition to disperse the crowds.

Many Sudanese people are joining forces in a “civil disobedience” movement that started on Sunday, just days after a military crackdown took the lives of dozens, to try and stop the country’s military from taking power, according to the BBC.

The Sudanese military took over after weeks of protests and riots forced President Omar al-Bashir to resign in April, but many pro-democracy citizens are now claiming that they cannot be trusted to rule the country after a violent crackdown against demonstrators in Khartoum last week. People say that the military should not be in charge of the transition to democratic civilian rule, and large protests have taken over the country over the weekend.

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